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Hit the Course & Test Your Skill

Looking to practice your shooting? Interested in a fun & unique weekend getaway, corporate event, or bachelor party? At LaSada Lodge, there are many options to test your skills and plenty of room for a little friendly competition, regardless of the occasion!


We offer a sport-shooting range, 5-stand, archery range, rifle and pistol range, and various new-shooter challenges.

Sporting Clays

With several shooting stations and a variety of terrain and target presentations, LaSada Lodge offers a challenge to all levels of shooters.


Rifle/Pistol Range

Shooters will find targets at 25-, 50-, and 100-yard backstops for both rifle & pistol shooters.

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Archery Range

Take your shot at our new 3D archery targets ranging from 20- to 60-yards.

archery range


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